Pay your rent with your Credit Card

Black Opal allows you to pay your rent with your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit or charge card.
You can acquire and use your points as well!

Build Your Credit Score by Paying your Rent

When renting your property and using the Black Opal Credit Card your rental payments with automatically be reported to Experian each month.

Rent reporting can help build a credit history, increase the types of credit on your credit report, and may boost your overall credit score.

Loyalty Program that lets you earn points
from your rent!

  • Never miss a payment with autopay
  • Stay informed with in-app notifications and rent reminders
  • Receive a receipt of rent payment
  • Boost your credit score by reporting on-time rent payments

Earn points when renting using your credit or debit card.

  • Bank Account & ACH payments plus secure payments
  • Credit and debit card, with standard fees plus secure payments through Plaid

Make paying your rent simple and rewarding

Despise those late fees? With Black Opal, you’ll never miss another rental payment again with monthly recurring payments, using the Black Opal Credit Card or a rewards credit card that suits you best.

Additional Benefits of Paying Rent Online

While landlords do benefit from collecting rent online, the benefits don’t stop there. Tenants also see several benefits when they’re allowed to pay rent online.

Rent Reporting to Credit Bureaus

Rent is most often the largest monthly expense that tenants pay. Renters get rewarded for paying their credit card and car payments, so why shouldn’t they be rewarded for paying their rent on time? Through Black Opal Rental, tenants can enjoy a boost to their credit score just for paying their rent.

Account Balance Tracking

Renters no longer have to wonder about the status of their accounts. Online rent payment platforms allow them to see exactly how much they owe at any given time and even show upcoming charges and payments. These accessible digital records ensure that landlords and renters are on the same page.

Secure Rent Payments

When Renters pay rent online, their payments are much more secure than paying by check or cash. Cash and Money orders are easily lost, and banking information displayed on the bottom of paper checks leaves the renter more likely to become a target for fraud.


Landlords who allow their renters to pay rent online show respect for the renter’s schedule and time. Tenants can pay their rent when it is convenient for them to do so. There is no frustration at the bank or property office being closed. Instead of writing and mailing a check, they can submit their rent payment on their phone while they enjoy their morning coffee. Better yet, renters can schedule payments to process on the date of their choosing automatically.

Fewer Late Fees

Because online rent payments allow renters to pay rent on their schedule, they’re less likely to be charged a late fee due to a circumstance beyond their control. Rent reminders and automatic payments give tenants the tools they need to make their payments on time, every time.
Payment Flexibility
While most independent landlords don’t have the means to accept credit card payments, those using an online rent collection can. If renters are worried about their cash flow for a month or two, they can pay rent with a credit card instead of leaving their landlord upset. While most rent payment platforms charge a fee for credit card payments, the cost is lower than a late fee or a bounced check fee in most situations.