About Us

About Black Opal

Our Australian founder moved to the United States in 2013. Like many other entrepreneurs and professionals moving here he was amazed that everyone had the same issue – they cannot get credit because they have no US credit history.

When he sold his highly successful social media startup – MavSocial – in 2017 he turned his attention to solving this constant problem for new arrivals to the USA.

Black Opal’s mission is to help professionals to build their credit, become more profitable and belong to society.

We have many plans and features we’re working on so sign up and connect with us – we want to be a pivotal part of your success in America.

Our Investors

As a fast growth startup in the Fintech sector we have some wonderful investors that back and support us in achieving our mission.

If you are interested in investing feel free to reach out, in confidence, to our executive committee.