The premier US-based credit card for relocating professionals

The Black Opal Advantage

  1. No US credit history required – high credit limit
  2. Build a credit reputation in the USA
  3. Prestigious, beautiful all metal Black or Rose Gold card
  4. Track what you spend and where with the Black Opal app

Features to make your credit work for you

Earn miles

You’re living the international life and building miles is essential for flights home or family. We’re working to add the best airlines to our program.

Paperless statements

Save the environment and access up to 7 years of your statements online

Pay with Zelle

Easily send money to another person using Zelle by Black Opal

Resources for moving or recent arrivals

Jacqui R

Edinburgh, Scotland

Black Opal is just what I needed and would’ve made my life so much easier before I moved
to America.

Jason G

Toronto, Canada

I was shocked how difficult it was to get a basic credit card in the US let alone what Black Opal offered. I signed up immediately.

Dave B

Sydney, Australia

The US banking system can be a nightmare to navigate when you first arrive. Twelve months in, my bank couldn’t offer anything better than a secured card with $300 limit. Having a Black Opal card before you land would have saved a lot of time and money

Hannah B

Frankfurt, Germany

I moved to New York and could only get a prepaid card or use my Visa debit card from home. I wish Black Opal much success!